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Spring Pictures Time

It’s been two years since I ranted about Spring Pictures.Take a moment and go read all about my shorties taking craps in the woods. Peanut is now in middle school so may or may not have Spring Pictures. I can’t keep up with what it going on all the time with 3 shorties, 2 schools, […]

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I’m getting old and I like it

My 20th high school reunion was 6/29 (Go, Aztecs!), and I was lucky enough to get almost a full week in Southern California to attend. Sans Detective and shorties.I spent the first 2 days in LA, then meandered down to Orange County for a few day, then headed back to LA for the last leg.And […]

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Listen To Your Mother

Saturday was the first (of hopefully many) Listen To Your Mother events in Kansas City. I cannot tell you what a pleasure it was to be a participant. I read this piece (which I’m sure you’re all familiar with by now.) But it was the first time I’d READ the piece. Out loud. For others […]

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A dark haired woman

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Pictures Gone Awry

I do not understand school pictures. They used to just do the same old same old every fall. You bought them regardless of how ridiculous you looked. And that was it. Now they offer multiple backgrounds and poses for the fall that are still basically what you remember. But in the spring, they go KA-RAZY! […]

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Squirt: A Self-Portrait

This is one from his 37 photo series titled ‘My Mother Made Me Go To The Store, But Bribed Me With Use Of Her iPhone. Sucker.’

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