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I’m sick and tired

No, really. I am actually sick and very tired. I’ve had this plague thing for 7 days. Fever, sweats, aches, chills, no appetite, weak, tummy issues, lots of tummy issues. Fortunately, the Detective and the shorties have been very kind, letting me sleep and leaving me be. The Detective has been pulling double time with […]

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  Today was the first official day off of school for Winter Break. So the Detective had to work, but all the shorties were home. It was basically Lord of the Flies. Without the conch to get anyone to listen. Of course there were many little things that annoyed the shit out of me. Which […]

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Halloween 2013

Hmmm, I totally thought I’d already written and posted this, but clearly I haven’t.   Halloween was a bit more low key this year. Weekday Halloweens through us for a loop. I wasn’t feeling too great so we didn’t hang out with our good friends like we have been doing the last few years. Peanut […]

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Listen To Your Mother – or just watch this

  The whole process was so amazing. I loved meeting these amazing women. We have a standing monthly lunch date. I will know these mothers forever. Also, our event was held on Mother’s Day Eve which was really special. It was a special night with mostly strangers in the audience showing up to hear happy, […]

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I’m getting old and I like it

My 20th high school reunion was 6/29 (Go, Aztecs!), and I was lucky enough to get almost a full week in Southern California to attend. Sans Detective and shorties.I spent the first 2 days in LA, then meandered down to Orange County for a few day, then headed back to LA for the last leg.And […]

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Happy birthday, Squirt!

Squirt turned 6. A couple of months ago. But he’s my third of three shorties so he’s kind of lucky I remembered. Apparently he’d told his buddies all about the elaborate party he was having that involved taking them all to the lake for the weekend. Uh, no. We celebrated like we have every year […]

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