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Halloween 2013

Hmmm, I totally thought I’d already written and posted this, but clearly I haven’t.   Halloween was a bit more low key this year. Weekday Halloweens through us for a loop. I wasn’t feeling too great so we didn’t hang out with our good friends like we have been doing the last few years. Peanut […]

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Listen To Your Mother

Saturday was the first (of hopefully many) Listen To Your Mother events in Kansas City. I cannot tell you what a pleasure it was to be a participant. I read this piece (which I’m sure you’re all familiar with by now.) But it was the first time I’d READ the piece. Out loud. For others […]

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I love autumn in Missouri. Crisp air, brilliant leaves, warm sweaters.                     My shorties love it too. Peanut has an October birthday. Halloween. Fireplace lit.                     Days are shorter. Nights are longer. More time to cuddle. Snuggling […]

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Halloween 2012

Another Halloween is in the books. I have a love/hate relationship with the holiday. I genuinely love everything about it until we get to the actual night. It’s usually chilly. The shorties get so ramped up they’d like to start going door to door at 4pm. It’s one big cluster of energy, sugar, anxiety, etc. […]

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Happy Last Day of School

This is how my shorties arrived at school today. Sometimes it’s kickass being married to a police officer. Peanut enjoyed herself. At least I think so. She’s now a 7th grader thus too cool to gush. Boo was a little afraid that he’d fall out. And that perhaps they’d be shot at, but took comfort […]

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Pictures Gone Awry

I do not understand school pictures. They used to just do the same old same old every fall. You bought them regardless of how ridiculous you looked. And that was it. Now they offer multiple backgrounds and poses for the fall that are still basically what you remember. But in the spring, they go KA-RAZY! […]

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