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I love autumn in Missouri. Crisp air, brilliant leaves, warm sweaters.                     My shorties love it too. Peanut has an October birthday. Halloween. Fireplace lit.                     Days are shorter. Nights are longer. More time to cuddle. Snuggling […]

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No H8

Here’s one of my all time favorite pictures as of today. Look at my sweet little family! I love that Boo is doing the hunch that he does when he’s laughing. I love that Squirt is peeling off his tape. I love how grown up and confident Peanut is. And my eyes are open. It’s […]

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Just B Photo Project

October is one of my favorite months. I love Halloween [duh] and Peanut’s birthday. I love the leaves changing colors and the crisp weather. I love that we get back into a routine, that we get to break of the sweatshirts, and that soon we will be sitting by the fire drinking hot cocoa. Last […]

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Pics I Love

Squirt announced he was playing ‘wheelchair.’ He gets me every time with that sweet little face of his.

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Pics I Love

This pic makes me smile. A big, huge smile. How cute do they look in their new backpacks? Even better that each of the backpacks we bought allowed a second backpack full of school supplies go to a child in need. And I’m all about education. I especially love the fact that my shorties are […]

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An Homage to The Bloggess

Oh, Bloggess, you have once again inspired me. No, not to buy a barn full of carnival crap [only because I don't have access to one]. You make me want to be a better man. Or something like that. [If you don't read the Bloggess, shame on you. You are missing a lot. She has […]

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