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What is romance?I used to think that Hollywood movies were right. That your heart would pitter patter every time you saw the love of your life. That you would want to kiss him every time you saw him. That flowers were commonplace. That there were soulmates. That surprise dates and getaway weekends were the norm.Am […]

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Good things

I came across an article that listed this site:’t that a breath of fresh air, GOOD NEWS! There are decent people and good things happen. People help others and others are grateful.Everything that happens isn’t awful and catastrophic.Whew, I was starting to get a little worried. So along the same lines, here’s a list of […]

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Dare to dream… Part II

The other thing I’ve longed for is a girls’ weekend. Away. Not just happy hour once in a while, but one weekend a year where some of the girls just go somewhere. Doesn’t have to be far or expensive. I’d be happy with a 30 pack and a Comfort Inn. Just something where we bring […]

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Right to privacy

Would you read your spouse’s journal? Your child’s? Your mother’s? And what if you do read it. Do you tell them? What do you do with that information that was illegally obtained? It is such a slippery slope.My mother read mine and photocopied it so she could read it to my dad. I was 16. […]

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One man’s trash…

In KCMO, they offer bulk item pick-up. So when you have an old couch or disgusting mattress or broken washing machine, every two months you can set your junk at the curb and eventually a truck comes by to pick it up. It usually sits out for a couple of days, but hey at least […]

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People who live in glass houses

OK, well not glass ones, but new ones. We just built a new house. Well we didn’t build it, we had it built. Now because of my man’s job, we have to live within the city limits. There are not all that many places that you can be in the city, but not in a […]

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