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You asked for it

Many people have asked me what the Detective looks like. Here he is in all his glory after a long day of protecting and serving the greater KC area. I think Squirt and Boo looks so much like him. Can you see the resemblance? If only I could get them to smile more when I’m […]

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Words to live by…

Several weeks ago, I met up with one of my besties that I just don’t get to see enough. We met around 5pm. Had dinner and drinks at a hole in the wall place. The dinner portion was over pretty quickly, but the drinking continued. When Goldilocks and I get together, we laugh and talk […]

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Listen To Your Mother

Saturday was the first (of hopefully many) Listen To Your Mother events in Kansas City. I cannot tell you what a pleasure it was to be a participant. I read this piece (which I’m sure you’re all familiar with by now.) But it was the first time I’d READ the piece. Out loud. For others […]

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Happy Halloween (and a message from the Detective)

Nerdy Apple’s note: When this post went viral, my whole family was affected. To say it was a crazy, surreal time would be an understatement. Before the post went viral, the Detective knew I had a blog, but didn’t read it. He didn’t even know the URL if I’m not mistaken. He didn’t need to […]

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My family is sometimes quite low on patience. We seem to get everything else in bulk, but not patience. Hello, Costco? I’m talking to you. Anyway, over the summer Boo decided he wanted to learn to read. But not lame, beginner books. He wanted to read as well as Peanut. We finally convinced him to […]

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Ode to the Detective

I know that you all know about the Detective. I mention him pretty regularly. But what do you really know about him? Here are things I love about my Detective: though I have been sick for almost a month [A MONTH] he has busted his arse to get the kids up and ready for school, […]

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