Interrogation: Part 2

karpatenhund asks:
Okay, I’ve got a question. Imagine there’s a fairy or a jinn or something like that appearing in front of you. He/She/It offers you one wish, but there are some rules:
1. It has to be something material (so nothing like “luck”, “health” or “world peace”).
2. It has to be something for you; Not for your family or your friends (at least not primarily for them).
3. Money is not allowed.
So… As I told there’s this fairy or jinn. You’re a little bit excited and also a little bit nervous. But of course you will take your chance. What would your wish be?

CW: I think right now I’d wish for an office – somewhere away from home that I could go to and write. It’s sometimes quite hard to do from my little corner in the bedroom with the shorties running amok. If that is too abstract, then maybe a new bed/mattress as ours is old and weirds me out when I think too hard about those news stories that talk about how often you should change mattresses. Or maybe a Macbook. Or a really nice vacation – perhaps train travel like the Orient Express or a jaunt around Europe. I’m getting out of control aren’t I?

MomToo asks:
If you could live anywhere in the world (not worry about money, speaking the same language, etc.) where would you want to live?

CW: Hmm, that is a tough one. I think I’d say England. I’ve always been an anglophile.

IfByYes asks:
What has Boo’s reaction been to all of the recent notoriety?

CW: Well he doesn’t quite grasp the enormity of it as he is only 5, but he does know that his picture was all over the internet and all over the world. He thinks that is funny and really cool. We framed the autographed Daphne drawing, one of the autographed Scooby comic books, and a picture of him in the costume. He wishes we would hang them all in his room so he could wake up to them. Fortunately, his memories of this whole experience are completely positive. He only remembers all the fun he had.

Rachel asks:
Who is your very best friend that you met in college?

CW: I will have to get back to you on that one. Oh, wait, that would be you, Rachel!

Fran asks:
My friend Pam C. says that she and her husband Shawn had to trade cars with you when you two worked together at another paper what kinds of cars did you trade and what color were they?
What do you do for yourself to come back to center?

CW: Hmm, don’t recall the car trading thing. As far as coming back to center, I think I hang out there most of the time. My kids don’t let me stray too far off center generally, but to relax I like to lie in bed and read. Read, read, read. That’s my favorite.

Katie asks:
I discovered your blog recently and really enjoyed it.
I liked how diplomatically you wrote about the confrontation with the preschool and the church, acknowledging that while some people have been intolerant and homophobic, you don’t think that about religion or Christianity in general. What denomination are you? Have you always been a member of that church?

CW: Thanks for the nice words. I am currently nothing. I officially revoked my membership so as not to be listed in their numbers. I had been raised in that church which, like many people I think, is why I was a member at all. I’d never given a lot of thought to it. But that is obviously not the way to choose something. Status quo or complacency or laziness is not a reason to belong to something, especially a church. I can’t say for sure if and when we’ll start going to another. I’m a little disenchanted with religion right now. And you are correct, I do not think all religions are intolerant or homophobic. Also, though the ‘homosexuality is a sin’ aspect may have been behind the discussions the church had with me, the reason that was given for me being called in what that I was supposedly bearing false witness.

DeAnne asks:
My only question- Do your kids know how lucky they are?

CW: I try to tell them everyday, but I don’t know if they believe me. ;) I’ll show them this question. Maybe then they’ll get it when I try to convince them of my awesomeness.

Sarah asks:
How has all the after-attention from your big blog post affected your life? Does Boo realize that he is kind of famous now? Has it gone straight to his head? Is he all “Yes grandmother, I will stay at your house for the night but you must meet this wild list of demands….” ?

CW: I cannot even begin to delve into how this has affected me and my family for that matter. I’m not sure I’ve fully processed it all. It was all very bizarre and surreal. It has opened up a whole other part of the world, communicating with so many different people who all just want to love and be loved. It’s been overwhelming, heartbreaking, soul touching, you name it. And Boo has always been that way [giggle]. So this has truly not changed him a bit.

triscuit asks:
Did you want to be a stay at home mom, or did it just happen to be the best option available?

CW: It just happened. I did work for a few years during Peanut’s younger years – from when she was 2 to 5. Other than that I’ve been a SAHM. I’d never really given it much thought before it happened, but for us, it was a great thing. Financially, very difficult, but worth it. I was here for their first steps, first words, first everything, and for their illnesses and check ups and almost everything else. It is the hardest job I’ve ever had, but definitely rewarding. Plus, it would cost a fortune for preschool and before/after school care for three kids. :)

And Marlo asks:
I was wondering about the purple glitter tights. Do you think that was more over the top than necessary for the costume?

CW: Uh, nope. The glittery tights were not going to make or break the outfit. It was a kit purchased online and the tights were one of the add-on items. Since he wanted to be identical to his best friend, we both bought the sparkle tights. Plus, Halloween is usually chilly so he definitely needed something on his legs for warmth. I wouldn’t have wanted him to go out dressed inappropriately. ;)
And really, would plain tights have made a difference?
(that last question had me laughing when I first read it, and again now that I’m re-reading.)

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2 Responses to Interrogation: Part 2

  1. Bonnie Half-Elven April 29, 2011 at 10:39 pm #

    It was interesting how you answered the question about religion. I think a lot of us grow up as one denomination and never question it. I am quitting my job as choir director of my church and renouncing my membership – not because of any poor treatment by any in my congregation, but because of the Church’s stance on homosexuality. This was brought home to me recently during a discussion on the subject, among other events, and I no longer desire to work for change from within, because it feels like I have to help drag the Church kicking and screaming into the twenty-first century. It has become beyond frustrating.

    I may join a gay-friendly denonomination, but I may not. I am examining all of my beliefs in and out of the context of organized religion.

    I will be curious where this leads both of us.

  2. Rachel April 28, 2011 at 10:42 pm #

    Yay – my question was answered!

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