Well, shit

So yesterday I had blood work finally done from a physical I had a couple of weeks ago. Frankly, I forgot about it. I can’t have the blood work done at my actual doctor’s office or even in the same building so I have to drive across town and get it done. Anyway, I kept […]

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Summer in the City

Technically I do live in a city, though it isn’t really one that’s big or a tourist destination or anything, but I digress. So the family has started our summer fun. We’ve done a few trips to the neighborhood pool (Bubba loves it though is borderline phobic of actually being in the pool), Peanut is […]

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Things I am proud of

I have three happy, healthy, beautiful children. They all seem to genuinely love each otherMy kids are quite well behaved and well manneredThey are all good sleepers. I take pride in this as it was a long training process to get them to go to sleep in their own rooms at set times, including naps […]

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Things I’m not proud of

I hide donuts from my daughterI’ve yelled at my kids. VERY loudlyI smoke, but I plan to quit this summerI lean on Peanut too much too often. And she’s only 8I don’t just “have fun” with the kids often enoughMy marriage is more like a juggling act between two people than it is like a […]

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An F for Effort

I am failing. Miserably. At pretty much everything I do lately. Let’s not even mention the fact that I have been woefully negligent of this blog lately. Moving on Last night was to be my first actual yoga classes. That I teach, not participate. And no one showed. Not one person. I should have brought […]

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A day in the life of CW

5am – Wake up to sounds of Slim, will him to go back to sleep, he sort of does530 – hear Slim some more, will him to go back to sleep, he sort of does6am – hear Slim, will the Detective to just get up with him already630 – the Detective finally succumbs to the […]

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