One more picture

We had his one year pictures taken at Portrait Innovations. Of the 50 pictures they took, 45 of them were perfect.

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My baby’s growing up

My baby turned one last Friday. I can hardly believe it. How does that happen? That they grow up so fast. I mean there are all those night feedings and crying jags when they are little where an hour can feel like a month and then POOF! It’s gone. He walks, he smiles, he waves, […]

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Search for meaning

So lately I’ve been feeling restless. I don’t know if it is the heat or the middle of summer or what, but I’ve been feeling somewhat lost.I feel at times that I lead a meaningless life. That I used to just work, come home, take care of the family and the house, go to bed, […]

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I suck

I was really trying to stay on top of things and have at least a few posts each week. I mean, once a day proved too much to handle. And one every couple of weeks is just rude. Perhaps my last post about being on top of things just ended up jinxing me.Anyway, my question […]

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On top of things

These are a few things that make me feel like I am on top of things. 1. nails freshly painted, finger and toe2. car washed and full tank of gas3. check book balanced and up to date and bills paid4. freshly showered5. clean sheets and bed made6. caught up on laundry and all put away7. […]

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Water, water everywhere

I’ve lived in this house for 7 months and have yet to receive a water bill. I called before we moved in. I called again a couple of months later, and I called again yesterday. The woman asked if construction was complete. Well, yes. Then she said someone would have to call me back. So […]

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